Ju-Jitsu is the martial arts of the Samurai, whose roots go back to very ancient times. This discipline of self defense arised from the need of close combat when it wasn’t possible for the Bushi to use his weapons, or even as an integration to armed combat. Over the centuries, Ju-Jitsu had been passed down in several styles over many generations to the present day. Some styles have remained almost unchanged and have remained faithfully anchored to the original schools and it is still possible to study them to deepen the knowledge of ancient Ju-Jitsu. Our Soke Adriano Busà founder of the World Ju-Jitsu Corporation, believes that as men have evolved over time, Ju-Jitsu must follow and contextualize accordingly. Basically, his mentality is about modernizing some techniques whithout losing the intrinsic values of the discipline. If we think about it carefully, man’s needs in self defense have changed today, because attacks have become much more sudden and cruel compared to the time of the  traditional samurai code of honor. At the time of the Samurai, there was a sort of education that was followed and respected.

Three Possible Reactions To Aggression. Which Do You Identify Yourself With?

Human beings are sensitive, their emotions influence their behaviour and determine their character. The human features we are now going to study are fear and courage in the event of an aggression from either strangers or from people who are close to us. In the Wjjc we think that in case of an aggression there are 3 substantial types of reaction.

Knife Sensing in Four Phases

Soke Adriano Busà, founder of the World Ju-Jitsu Corporation, in addition to an innovative ju-jitsu style, has developed an easy/fast-learning system for knife use and defense in four phases.