Ju-Jitsu Fight WJJC

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The most enthusiastic students of the World Ju-Jitsu Corporation, can try out both their technical level and temperament by attending the "Ju-Jitsu Fight" training path.
Formerly, the WJJC syllabus includes the "Ju-Jitsu Fight" principles.

The fight is composed of 3 main phases:

The first phase includes standing techniques (Tachi-Waza) with punches and kicks.
So in the first phase the fighters employ striking until they go to phase 2 (Nage-Waza) with throw techniques.
The third major phase of the fight occurs when a contestant goes to the ground and submission holds are applied (Ne-Waza)

Wjjc competitions for Junior start at the age of 8, the kids wear approved headguards, mma gloves and shinguards that guarantee complete safety for them. What is more, while in Junior competitions there is total control of the strikes, for Senior there is full contact with only the teeth guard, shin guard and groin guard.

The contestants main objective is that of submitting the opponent and stuck him on the mat by using Ju-Jitsu techniques like locks, blocks, and choke hold without fingers. Competition time for the fighters is 3 minutes.

The Wjjc implements the rules of fair play rigorously (see Fight Jitsu regulation). For this reason, behaviours breaking the international rules of the fight (violence, lack of respect towards the contestant or the referees or the committee) are not allowed. Any harmful action for yourself or the others, any aggressive behaviour that is out of control, harmful to oneself or to the others, any aggressive behavior that is out of control, rude or disrespectful, in perfect contrast with the international Fight Jitsu regulation, entails either a warning, a penalty or expulsion from the tournament.

Put yourself too to the test and seek victory. Come on the tatami, put your all into it and fight for first place. Now, all you can do is begin, good luck and …. Hajime!!!