Wjjc Instructors

WJJC instructors, are black belts with a strong determination to teach others what they've learned after many years of hard work. In order to become instructors, they have to pass the teaching qualification exam with the National Technical Director, while the official certificate is issued by the WJJC international.

There are 3 teaching levels:

  1. the 1st Level of teaching (Trainer) enables to teach up to the 5th Kyu/white-blue belt (for minimum age to get the certification check the intenational rules book);
  2. afterwards, one can get the 2nd level of teaching up to the 1st Kyu (Brown Belt), which covers all the Kyu (colored belts);
  3. the 3rd level of teaching (Master) allowes to teach up to the 1st level black belt included.

For example, a Sensei who is 4th Dan black belt with 3rd level of teaching certification, will be allowed to teach up to the 4th Dan.

All instructors are expected to attend all seminars, congresses, master classes, workshops, national events organized by the national federation they belong to, in order to maintain their qualification (see international rules book).

The certificates' validity is for 3 years and is renewed annually by the national technical director by putting an hologram of validation. After 3 years, each instructor will have to get again a certification for another 3 years time. Maintaining the Certified WJJC credential is accomplished through a 3-year recertification process. The process was designated to promote and preserve WJJC's high standard of professional training.

All instructors will have to wear their official instructor Gi in order to distinguish from the students. This Gi has red jacket with black collar, name of the instructor embroidered on the chest heart side, while pants are exactly the same as for students Gi. On the Gi a special badge with one's level is stitched, the badge being delivered after having passed the exam.

On official events, each instructor will have to wear the official uniform:
Winter uniform is composed of black jacket, official tie, special badge to be stitched on the chest with one's level and flag of one's country;
Summer uniform is the same for all international instructors and consists of black pleated pants, official black poloshirt, black shoes and black belt with buckle (see International Rules Book and Summer Uniform Link).