COMMITMENT AND SACRIFICE PAGEAny outcome requires walking a path to achieve it and so it is in martial arts, especially in Ju-Jitsu. Any single step in the learning scale has to be taken with great determination to move ahead.

The more you go up, the more willpower is needed to take another step, as the height of the steps increases according to the required technical skills for different levels.

This is our way from the very kyu level, yet it is when you are a black belt that committment becomes sacrifice. You won’t move forward unless you put your all into it, cultivate your will every single day to go up and up.

All members of the Wjjc can strive for even ambitious goals in the Wjjc, yet before undertaking the travel towards the desired goal, you have to evaluate the price of the ticket and consider whether you really have the strengths and features to achieve your goals.

This is why, in Ju-Jitsu as well as in life, all is earned and nothing is given.

All our achievements always come after hard work, determination and willpower. T

here is no other way to give value to what we practice and to our position in the Wjjc.