Ko-Budo WJJC

Kobudo Wjjc tonfa nunchaku katana

Kobudo is the in-depth study of traditional Japanese weaponry.
Our programs are divided into three different levels for each weapon, from the basis to the most complex expression at the 3rd level. All traditional Japanese weapons are studied and practiced such as: Nunchaku, Bo, Jo, Sai, Naginata, Kama, Tonfa, Katana and Tanto. What is more, the study and practice of modern weapons such as stick, knife, karambit and the kukri complete the huge technical repertory of the WJJC.

Soke Adriano Busa Kobudo Wjjc Ju JitsuLearning how to use the weapons is something slow that takes time. Kobudo classes are run collectively, though, each student practices his weapon at his own level. Unfortunately, this  study is not for all. This wonderful path takes quite a certain amount of perseverance of the student, as each move has to be learned accurately, slowly and with dedication.

Unless there is a strong will to improve one' s performance through dedication, it is very difficult to learn the nature itself of the weapon to the extent that the the weapon merges with the soul of the student.  
A special path to understanding Katana is separate, there are special classes for the study  and practice of the kata of Katana.