Soke Adriano Busa Founder and InternationalTechnical Director of the World Ju Jitsu Corporation Wjjc Jiu Jitsu

Shodai Soke Adriano Busà is the founder of the World Ju-Jitsu Corporation and his Ju-Jitsu style is “Kishido” - 騎士道 (The way of the knight).

After many years of hard work with Tatami, he has gained a reputation as a martial artist of international worth. He is a simple, infatigable man. His first experience in the martial arts goes back to 1976 when he took his first Judo classes under a sensei from his town, while it was in 1981 he enrolled at a dojo for the first time to practice judo with a sensei in a real dojo.

He was not wholly satisfied with that discipline and aproached boxe. After spending almost ten years devoting himself to judo and boxe he found Ju-Jitsu and realized at once it was what he had always being looking for.

It would become his great passion. He works very long hours, tirelessly cultivating Ju-Jitsu, he's entirely devoted to it.  Not only is he a worthy martial artist, but he also has the great capacity to listen and then make suggestions: he is a man of great wisdom.  He is one who leads the way: a martial artist of great technical ability and charismatic charm.

Some years ago, he set up a company that teaches Professional Self-Defense for Police and Military in Italy. This has enabled him to make contact with many high-ranking law enforcement and military officers.  Furthermore, his security agency has received accreditation from the Regione Toscana and an international quality certification.

His technical skills are appreciated world-wide and have enabled him to reinterpret traditional Ju-Jitsu and turn it into his WJJC style, one that's both modern and effective.





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