black belt awards

Every year the black belt gradings take place in each country. During their training time, candidates work hard to meet Soke, who is the one allowed to examine the skills of the black belts.

This is intended to guarantee both the National Technical Directors, candidates and all the World Ju-Jitsu Corporation that the Kishidō style is passed down accurately, checked and corrected directly by its founder.

The grading commissions are made up of Soke Adriano Busà, the National Technical Director and by those who represent the local technical commission, which is organized directly by the national responsible (all members of the local commission must be at least one grade over the student to be examined).

After the grading, Soke gives the international black belt diploma signed and stamped by himself. All other certificates, diplomas, titles are given by Soke and National commission during events such as congresses, gala dinnerers, master classes, seminars, tournaments or competitions.