Women's Ju-Jitsu Department


The WJJD or Women's Ju-Jitsu Department is the female sector of the World Ju-Jitsu Corporation.
Such a sector was set up to give special attention to women's issues. The number of women who practice Ju-Jitsu is consistently increasing in terms of both involvment and technical skills. The female department is very much important for us, we've always been corcerned with the issue of the weakest, so we've set up a special women's department that, during the year, organizes special seminars just for women and girls.

WJJC WJJD JU JITSU WOMEN LOGOThere are women instructors helping our Shodai Soke Adriano Busà to run this department internationally and organize special events. The programs are constantly being updated to the dynamics of nowadays aggressions both in the street and at home.

All over the world women are increasingly abused and harassed. It is necessary, then, that they learn to better protect themselves and we want to be the ones to instruct them to effectively defend themselves while at the same time having fun. By means of hard work and constant training, women become more aware of their potentiality and turn their weakness into strength.

World Ju Jitsu Corporation WJJD Women self defenseOur courses are designed to make women more aware and prepared for any situation that they might face in everyday life.
We are offering you the chance to learn how to react with great determination, protecting yourself, your dignity, your dears. If you wish to test yourself to the fullest, besides Ju-Jitsu, you can also attend Fight Jitsu classes.

You'll be taught striking, ground work and athletic training in an environment that is safe, non-intimidating and fun. You will test naturally and safely the techniques you've learned.

Women membership to the WJJD is marked by a special badge they sew on their Gi.