LOGO STSThe WJJC is divided into different departments dealing with specific fields of self-defense. The Police and Military Department, for instance, deals with Security Professionals' training such as soldiers, policemen and so on. Their training is highly professional.
They are taught, and they become adept in, handcuffing techniques, professional use of the police tonfa or police stick, blockings, knife defense, close combat and so on. Such techniques are crucial for security professionals to safely and successfully face the many, dangerous situations in which they find themselves.
The WJJD (Women Ju-Jitsu Department) focuses on the female world by means of a program that includes anti-rape techniques, anti-assault techniques and specific close-combat training.

WJJC style, innovation and excellence in Ju-Jitsu

Ju Jitsu Wjjc Soke Adriano Busa

The World Ju-Jitsu Corporation comes from its founder Prof. Adriano Busà deep experience.
He developed his martial experience especially in the United Kingdom, a Country that shaped him in the knowledge of the sweet art, a country where he learned most of what would later help him develop a new and advanced Ju-Jitsu style, the WJJC style.

The Wjjc technical programs are dynamic as they evolve depending on the ever changing assault types both in the street or at home, where it is not unusual that a woman lives together with a cruel killer. The Wjjc is sensitive to the changes, we study continuously and update our technical programs to nowadays assaults, so as to help our members to be effective in the event they need to protect themselves.

Ju-Jitsu Fight WJJC

Wjjc Fight Jitsu World Ju Jitsu Corporation Fighting Combat Wjjc Commando Ju Jitsu Fighters

The most enthusiastic students of the World Ju-Jitsu Corporation, can try out both their technical level and temperament by attending the "Ju-Jitsu Fight" training path.
Formerly, the WJJC syllabus includes the "Ju-Jitsu Fight" principles.

The fight is composed of 3 main phases:

The first phase includes standing techniques (Tachi-Waza) with punches and kicks.
So in the first phase the fighters employ striking until they go to phase 2 (Nage-Waza) with throw techniques.
The third major phase of the fight occurs when a contestant goes to the ground and submission holds are applied (Ne-Waza)

Wjjc competitions for Junior start at the age of 8, the kids wear approved headguards, mma gloves and shinguards that guarantee complete safety for them. What is more, while in Junior competitions there is total control of the strikes, for Senior there is full contact with only the teeth guard, shin guard and groin guard.

The contestants main objective is that of submitting the opponent and stuck him on the mat by using Ju-Jitsu techniques like locks, blocks, and choke hold without fingers. Competition time for the fighters is 3 minutes.

The Wjjc implements the rules of fair play rigorously (see Fight Jitsu regulation). For this reason, behaviours breaking the international rules of the fight (violence, lack of respect towards the contestant or the referees or the committee) are not allowed. Any harmful action for yourself or the others, any aggressive behaviour that is out of control, harmful to oneself or to the others, any aggressive behavior that is out of control, rude or disrespectful, in perfect contrast with the international Fight Jitsu regulation, entails either a warning, a penalty or expulsion from the tournament.

Put yourself too to the test and seek victory. Come on the tatami, put your all into it and fight for first place. Now, all you can do is begin, good luck and …. Hajime!!!

Ko-Budo WJJC

Kobudo Wjjc tonfa nunchaku katana

Kobudo is the in-depth study of traditional Japanese weaponry.
Our programs are divided into three different levels for each weapon, from the basis to the most complex expression at the 3rd level. All traditional Japanese weapons are studied and practiced such as: Nunchaku, Bo, Jo, Sai, Naginata, Kama, Tonfa, Katana and Tanto. What is more, the study and practice of modern weapons such as stick, knife, karambit and the kukri complete the huge technical repertory of the WJJC.

Professional Police Training

Wjjc Professional Police training STS Special Training Service Ju Jitsu

Taking advantage of its founder's international experience, the WJJC has set up a department that offers professional training for police and military.  The Professional Technical program consists of training in handcuffing, blocking, control and restraint techniques, professional use of the police tonfa, close combat, knife and bottle defense techniques, gun and knife disarm techniques, professional use of the police stick and much more.

Professional Security Training

Wjjc Security STS Special Training Service Ju Jitsu

He whose job is in Security, would benefit greatly from attending a WJJC Professional, Self Defense Training course.

Apart from the requisite intensive training, we also expect total commitment on the part of the student so that he may learn effectively.

The number of possible participants at Security Service courses, organized by WJJC, is limited.

Professional Military Training

Ju Jitsu Special Training Service Military Close Combat Wjjc

The armed forces need specific close-combat training.

After more than ten years teaching military training, the World Ju-Jitsu Corporation has developed a special syllabus for students to improve their professional skills at close combat, military dagger use, disarm and sentry disarm.
Such training is intensive and difficult and requires total commitment of the student to reach the set goals.

Women's Ju-Jitsu Department


The WJJD or Women's Ju-Jitsu Department is the female sector of the World Ju-Jitsu Corporation.
Such a sector was set up to give special attention to women's issues. The number of women who practice Ju-Jitsu is consistently increasing in terms of both involvment and technical skills. The female department is very much important for us, we've always been corcerned with the issue of the weakest, so we've set up a special women's department that, during the year, organizes special seminars just for women and girls.