Ju-Jitsu Adults - Senior


Ju Jitsu Adults World Ju Jitsu Corporation Wjjf Soke Adriano BusaThe WJJC Ju-Jitsu syllabus for adults is made up of several steps of increasing technical difficulty.

The syllabus covers all the various levels of Ju-Jitsu--from the different color belts, to the highest Black Belt.

Apart from the traditional techniques of English Ju-Jitsu, our syllabus also addresses the in-depth study of knife defense, stick use and defense, multiple attack defense techniques, grappling, fight jitsu, assault and rape defense techniques for women and much more.

The minimum age for a Senior is 16 years, provided that the student has developed the musculoskeletal structure of an adult and has reached the associated psychological maturity.