Coaching Assessor

Wjjc Coaching Assessor World ju Jitsu Corporation Soke Adriano Busa Prof.Adriano Busa Jiu Jitsu WjjcThe coaching assessor is a red PVC binder containing the WJJC sylabus.

This book is precious for any instructor and must be guarded with much care and discretion by the sensei who receives it, as this is the book containing every single technique from the 9th Kyu to the 7th Dan Black Belt included.

It was Soke Adriano Busà founder of the WJJC who wrote the syllabus and codified the technical programs of the WJJC.

Therefore, every WJJC instructor possesses and uses the syllabus to accurately pass the WJJC Ju-Jitsu programms on.