official equipment

The World Ju-Jitsu Corporation is devoted to professionalism in all aspects and not only technical. In our organization we take care of details in all sectors: events, communication, social media, networks, competitions and the image. All Wjjc official items are both beautiful and good quality, they are designed and tested by Soke directly.

We carefully select our suppliers, which guarantees both quality and durability of our official equipment. Our organization distinguishes from other organizations for both style and quality. All Wjjc students in the world train the same style as well as all members wear the same Gi, from Cuba, Sri Lanka, Romania to Kuwait.

All Wjjc ju-jitsuka have a strong sense of pride and belonging, not only are they ju-jitsu enthusiasts but also have a strong attachment to our flag. As soon as they put their Gi back in their sport bag, can’t wait to wear it back and learn new technicques.

All Wjjc members are easily recognisable exactly because of our strong image on the tatami and outside. As a matter of fact, there are so many Wjjc official items that members can purchase and take home or to their dojo. Our official equipment is conceived according to the criterion of durability and appeal. Anybody in the world will recognize you and respect you.

When you are wearing a Wjjc official item, both pride and passion merge and you feel special.