WJJC Students Gi

WJJC STUDENT GIAll students of the World Ju-Jitsu Corporation in the world wear the same Gi (Kimono). The official Gi is white with red collar and red strip on the pant.

On the back of the jacket there are the name of our organization and Saint George's logo embroidered, while on the collar and on the right strip of the pant there are our Japanese ideograms embroidered. Lastly, there is a red embroidery on the chest left side.

Every student has to stitch 2 patches on his Gi. The first being the Chest badge representing our official logo with Saint George. The second, the World Nation Badge indicating one's nation through the flag and the red mark of the country on the world map of the patch.

This Gi shall be worn by every official student of the WJJC until they become instructors and change their jacket. On the other hand, Junior in addition to the 2 patches, can also stitch a Junior Patch. The Junior Leader patch is given to the most deserving junior students only.