World Ju-Jitsu Corporation in Sri Lanka – Marawila 2019-07-09

Great event for the delegation of the World Ju-Jitsu Corporation in Marawila, as guests of our official representative Sensei Prasanna Fernando, National Technical Director of the Wjjc Sri Lanka. In the Marawila Sport All, after hosting our Soke Adriano Busà and his instructors for a two-day seminar attended by many adults and children, on the third day took place the opening ceremony of the most important event: the delivery of new diplomas and certificates in the presence of the founder of the Wjjc and senior officials of the prison where Sensei Prasanna Fernando works as a Police Officer. The Sinhalese ceremony lasted all morning with typical dances, photos and speeches of the highest ranks in the Marawila prison. The day was embellished by the fortuitous cadence of Sensei Prasanna's 50 th birthday and as to celebrate he wanted to share a chocolate cake with everybody present.

World Ju-Jitsu Corporation in Cuba - Bayamo 2019

WJJC CUBA - is working hard to develop a brilliant future for the World Ju-Jitsu Corporation in Cuba. Well done Orlando Rodriguez Saborit Sensei National Technical Director of the WJJC Cuba.
In a simple meeting large exhibitions were developed that framed new strategies to raise the technical and martial level. This is how the first Scientific and Technical Forum was developed in the city of Bayamo, Cuba.

En una reunión sencilla se desarrollaron grandes exposiciones que enmarcaron nuevas estrategias para elevar el nivel técnico y marcial. Así se desarrolló el primer Fórum Científico Técnico en La ciudad de Bayamo, Cuba.


International Ju-Jitsu Seminar - Pistoia May 29, 2016

Some pictures of the International Ju-Jitsu Seminar in Pistoia on May 29th, 2016 with Shodai Soke Adriano Busà Founder of the Wjjc and Kaicho Archie Higgins Founder of the Kuro Iwa Ryu.

Special Training Service

International Seminar October 2014 Gallery