WJJC style, innovation and excellence in Ju-Jitsu

Ju Jitsu Wjjc Soke Adriano Busa

The World Ju-Jitsu Corporation comes from its founder Prof. Adriano Busà deep experience.
He developed his martial experience especially in the United Kingdom, a Country that shaped him in the knowledge of the sweet art, a country where he learned most of what would later help him develop a new and advanced Ju-Jitsu style, the WJJC style.

The Wjjc technical programs are dynamic as they evolve depending on the ever changing assault types both in the street or at home, where it is not unusual that a woman lives together with a cruel killer. The Wjjc is sensitive to the changes, we study continuously and update our technical programs to nowadays assaults, so as to help our members to be effective in the event they need to protect themselves.


Another issue we care about is the phenomenon of bullying, which has nowadays become very worrying. The Junior classes aim at developing children's ability to manage such events, along with the awareness of their ability to react.

The Wjjc Ju-Jitsu is focused on both speed and precision while reacting to a sudden assault, both armed and unarmed. Our syllabus is based on 10 basic technics, which represent the basis for a rapid learning of our style. Our programs have been conceived into increasingly high skill levels named Kyu.

A beginner starts as a red belt and passes to the white belt, to the yellow and so on up to the ninth and last Kyu, the brown belt. After which, there are the advanced programs with black belt levels (Dan) from the first to the tenth degree black belt.

The Wjjc has deepened the study of Ju-Jitsu on both the left and right side, so as to develop a technical reaction that is powerful and dynamic in each of its phases. As already said, speed is very much important to us, therefore our strikes are exasperated both in the passive phase of defense and in the active phase of attack.

In the Wjjc we teach the importance of a good, tight guard similar to the boxing guard, which denotes straightaway a style that is both effective and modern, one that is more devoted to effectiveness than to the traditional technical gesture. However, the practice of Kata over and over perfects the lines, as if polishing a fine sword or stone and leads the student to develop both stability and technical skills.

There is also much ground work, this is a significant part of our style, grappling and submission are strong points to us. Athletic training aimed at competitions is part of a complete training. In Wjjc tournaments there is full contact for adults, while Junior fight safely and wear approved mma gloves, head guards and shin guards.

Join us, the Wjjc world!!!!!