OFFICIAL MEMBER - Advanced Level


Official Member is a “Advanced Level” membership, for black belts only, either in any martial arts, better if you are a black belt in Ju-Jitsu.

It allows you to enter the Wjjc world, your Ju-Jitsu rank  will be acknowledged after careful evaluation.

You will receive the "Official Member" certificate at home or at your Dojo. You will also be given our International Budopas-sport where all your data will be recorded along with all your martial information: exams, tournaments, seminars, black belt level, etc.

You will be expected to wear the official Wjjc Gi and will have to stitch the official badge of your country and the Wjjc logo / Chest badge on your instructor red jacket. You will have to learn our programs and pass them on to your students.

You will be allowed to attend all the seminars organized by World Ju-Jitsu Corporation in your country or continent and you will be in constant contact with the international secretariat for any need until there is a National Technical Director of your country, in this case you will have to turn to him.

You’ll be welcome to come to Italy and train with Soke’s group in order to learn our syllabus.

You can also invite Soke to your Dojo for a seminar.

Your name will be included in the World Ju-Jitsu Corporation official website in the "Official Member" link as official member of Wjjc for your city.

Affiliation fee as an "Official Member Advanced Level" is €.150.00 to be paid just once, after the first year €.10.00 per year.

In case you are interested in becoming National Technical Director for your country, you can apply for it, provided this position is still vacant.