National Technical Director


The National Technical Director (NTD) is an instructor and direct student of Soke Adriano Busà, he has sole responsibility to spread both the style, the philosophy and the image of the WJJC in his country. A contract is subscribed between the WJJC International e the NTD, which protects both parties and is the same for all countries.

More specifically, the contract of representation is intended to guarantee and regulate the use of the registered trademark WJJC and to protect the work of the NTD. The NTD has authority to carry out all the necessary actions and initiatives to correctly propagate both the WJJC style and his school in his country.

In its turn, the WJJC International supports the national organization and all the NTDs by means of advertising on the social media, on the web or by encouraging their proposals. What is more, the WJJC International network is available for NTDs to advertise any events, congresses, seminars, master classes or work shops at national level so that any country has the widest appeal both nationally and internationally.

Publications on sector magazines and some local Tv appearences will help the NTD and his organization gain popularity in his country. Moreover, Soke always makes himself available for all his direct students who need his persanal support in their country.

The WJJC International does never interfere with the decisions, actions or strategies of the NTD unless they damage the name/image of the WJJC, or there is failure to comply with the international rules (see International Rules Book) or they damage other affiliated countries and/or their members.