The way of the knight is the literal translation of the Japanese word Kishidō, the Wjjc style codified by Soke Adriano Busà.

Kishidō is the outcome of four decades spent studying martial arts by our founder. The Wjjc style has English rooths, yet it was developed in Italy after long professional experiences of its founder both in his country and around the world.

Althought Kishidō is anchored to the movements and power of the English method, it is an evolution of it and its techniques are more focused on speed and precision, which enhances the training program and makes our style even more effective.

We believe that martial arts should bring out the best in its practitioner and be applicable to street contexts when necessary. Therefore, you won’t achieve your goals unless you develop speed, precision and power.

This is what St. George, beating heart of our logo, represents. He defeated the dragon through his speed and bravery and this is exactly what we pursue through the practice of Kishidō: training people who are aware of their potentiality and who can put it into practice when necessary.

Another essential aspect is developing courage, which requires working first through yourself and then face your opponent by using his strength and movements in his disadvantage to turn his aggression upside down.

This is the universal principle of Ju-Jitsu: working on ourselves, working with our body to get to the mind, home to all our weaknesses, so as to turn them into strengths.

All this is called… Kishidō.