WJJC History

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The World Ju-Jitsu Corporation is a result of its charismatic founder, Shodai Soke Adriano Busà, and his long experience.

This organization is a young corporation concerned with studying and propagating this sweet art among the five continents. We make ourselves, and our modern and effective methods, available to anyone wishing to deepen his knowledge of Ju-Jitsu.

The WJJC style is continually being up-dated.  We constantly study international urban dynamics so as to get our students prepared to face an ever-changing environment, without giving up the typical English traditional Ju-Jitsu roots. The in-depth study of knife and weapon defense techniques, stick use, multiple attacks defense techniques and grappling are only some aspects of the essential basis of our style.

The professional syllabus, which has been developed for Military and Police, is part of a high level training path taught using the typical values of the martial arts such as: honor, respect, discipline, sacrifice and loyalty.