W.J.J.C. Membership


The World Ju-Jitsu Corporation is an international organization devoted to professionalism, we are offering a new way of seeing, practicing and spreading Ju-Jitsu. Nothing is left to chance, everything is studied down to its tiniest details. We will help you develop your own successful organization in your dojo, city or country under the flag of the Wjjc.

Our mission is to give you the opportunity to become a professional in Ju-Jitsu, regardless of the goals you set, we provide 4 different levels of membership:

  1. Basic Level
  2. Medium Level
  3. Advanced Level
  4. Expert Level

The first level of membership is as a Friend Member (Basic Level) which allows you to join the Wjjc friends’ circuit with no obbligations, while on the other hand you allow to attend the Wjjc seminars in your country and to buy our official gadgets from our international secretariat. For more information visit our link “Friend Member”. 

The second level of membership, the Medium one is as a Special Member. This level of affiliation allows you to practice your Ju-Jitsu style in your Dojo with no obligation, yet you are allowed to attend all Wjjc seminars, Fight Jitsu and Kata competitions in your country and to buy our official gadgets . For more information visit our link “Special Member”.

The third level of affiliation is as an Official Member and is a Advanced Level membership. You’ll join the World Ju-Jitsu Corporation as an official member  and as long as there is no National Technical Director of the Wjjc in your country, you’ll be in direct contact with the international secretariat , what is more you’ll be allowed to come and train with Soke’s black belts. You’ll wear the red jackets instructor Gi and will be able to pass our syllabus (Kishidō) on in your Dojo and in your town. In case you are interested in it and have the skills for it, you’ll be able to apply for National Technical Director in your country. For more information visi tour link “Official Member”.

The fourth level of affiliation is a premium membership, Expert level as a National Technical Director. You’ll become direct student of Soke Adriano Busà and will be in direct contact with him for all your activities. You’ll be sole representative of the Wjjc in your country and will be supported in all your initiatives and activities in your country.

There are many advantages including the support of the entire Wjjc for you to achieve your goals and develop  your successful national school with a lot of satisfaction.

Basic requirements to apply for National Technical Director are: ambition, determination, respect, resourcefulness, technical and leadership skills.

For more information, visit the "National Technical Director" page or contact the international secretariat directly via the "Join Us" form.

We firmly believe in team unity, but at the same time we help each instructor to improve his skills and become a real professional. You too can contribute to the growth of the World Ju-Jitsu Corporation, anyone is welcome. Now it's up to you. What are you waiting for? We are offering you a unique opportunity to become the professional you have always dreamed of by joining the most prestigious world ju-jitsu organization.

Wjjc, proud to be different!