Ju Jitsu Wjjc Students

By students we mean all the members of the WJJC, which includes children, adolescents, men and women of any level, age and in any position or sector in the World Ju-Jitsu Corporation. Students are also those Black Belts who are under their Sensei or Representative to look to, beacuse one should never stop learning, even after many years of experience on the tatami.

However, we generally consider students all those people who attend training classes at the Dojo with colored belts aiming to become Black Belts – that is, all those who are at the Kyu level – either Junior or Senior and wear the WJJC Red/white official Gi. On the other hand, by Sensei or Black Belts we generally mean those who wear the WJJC Red Jacket official Gi.