red jacket

All over the world, Wjjc students wear a white gi with red stripes on the pants and red collar, embroidery on the back, chest and collar of the jacket.

This applies to both red belt and brown belt students. While, once you move on to Yudansha level and become a black belt and instructor, the Wjjc gi changes in color and acquires a different value.

The jacket becomes red with black collar, and the instructor’s name is embroidered on the chest. This is meant for the instructor to be recognizable at once. What is more, because of the badges stitched on the gi, your level is recognizable as well.

During international seminars, you can meet people from other countries, yet it is exactly the gi that shows who you’re training with, either a student or an instructor, along with his country from the national badge stitched on the left sleeve heart side.

The red jacket is a coveted goal, but burdened with responsibilities too, which puts its wearer to the next level. Pride of belonging to the Wjjc when wearing a red jacket increases even more and you realize a new jujitsuka has taken the place of the old one and is now ready for a new path of personal and technical growth in Kishidō and in the World Ju-Jitsu Corporation.