WJJC Uniforms


The uniform one wears does represent the organization he belongs to and for the World Ju-Jitsu Corporation it is very much important that it is identical for all members and that all members are proud to wear it. The World Ju-Jitsu Corporation has studied in detail both colors and fabrics for its official uniforms, which Soke designed directly.

Strives to strengthen the research base in clothing and fabrics, has unabled us to develop a line of high quality professional uniforms that are one of a kind.Ju-Jitsu and Kobudo Gi's for students are white with red strips and red collar and have 4 embroideries for both senior and junior.

These Gi's are exactly the same for all members of the World Ju-Jitsu Corporation in the World. Not only does the uniform distinguish WJJC members from martial artists from other organizations, but favours homogeneity and pride of belonging to a great international organization. Official uniforms are 100% cotton and are designed for best comfort, freedom of movement and durability.

Instructor Gi's (red jacket) are exactly the same as student Gi's, the only difference is in the color. The jacket is red with black collar and the color of the embroideries is black instead of red. These Gi's are 100% cotton too, and the difference in the color is meant to distinguish instructors from students because of the responsability they bear. While, the Fight Gi is much more heavy, it was designed to ensure best comfort, great durability and roll. It has reinforced stress points and is almost everlasting. It has been tested directly by Soke.

Apart from training uniforms, the WJJC has designed official uniforms for conventions, congresses, meetings and gradings. There are 2 official uniforms, one for the Summer and one for the Winter and they are for black belts and instructors only. The Summer uniform consists of a black polo with gold metallic thread embroidery on the chest and black pleated trousers, while Winter uniform consists of black jacket, grey pleated trousers, white shirt and official tie.