Ju-Jitsu is the martial arts of the Samurai, whose roots go back to very ancient times. This discipline of self defense arised from the need of close combat when it wasn’t possible for the Bushi to use his weapons, or even as an integration to armed combat. Over the centuries, Ju-Jitsu had been passed down in several styles over many generations to the present day. Some styles have remained almost unchanged and have remained faithfully anchored to the original schools and it is still possible to study them to deepen the knowledge of ancient Ju-Jitsu. Our Soke Adriano Busà founder of the World Ju-Jitsu Corporation, believes that as men have evolved over time, Ju-Jitsu must follow and contextualize accordingly. Basically, his mentality is about modernizing some techniques whithout losing the intrinsic values of the discipline. If we think about it carefully, man’s needs in self defense have changed today, because attacks have become much more sudden and cruel compared to the time of the  traditional samurai code of honor. At the time of the Samurai, there was a sort of education that was followed and respected.

Once upon a time,  the children received an education from a very early age, when they grew up they were built and ready for fierce duels but they would treat with respect their adversary. Unfortunately, these days are complicated, always more frequently, children are being bullied at school and there are two possible reactions: either the child becomes more agressive or the kid is likely to experience depression and anxiety. Not to mention sudden attacks while having a walk in a calm evening. It is increasingly crucial the issue of unscrupolous bastards of any age hurlying at family men or defenseless people for no reason.

They usually hit from behind with much brutality just for the sake of proving their courage to the rest of the gang (I’d call it cowardice rather than courage). They do this to be considered up to par and do not assess the irreversible damage they cause. This behaviour is known as “knock out game”.

Compared to the past samurai code of honor, the need to learn how to defeat ourselves has greatly changed. Therefore, Ju-Jitsu the most complete martial arts that gave birth to many other famous martial arts, (Judo, Aikido , Iaido, Krav Maga, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, etc.) has  to evolve accordingly, in order to be able to counter these days violence, so different from the ancient feudal Japan.

In the Wjjc, our Soke Adriano Busà has codiefied a modern and effective syllabus offering the study of both armed and unarmed attacks. His huge experience, ranging from Judo and box to Ju-Jitsu, has allowed him to develop effective programs to manage and counter modern attacks.

Mr. Busà’s vision is based on evolution instead of immobility and the Wjjc programs can change so as to be updated for the students to be always up with the times. The only aspect that never changes are the Wjjc values, on which the whole World Ju-Jitsu Corporation is based, which are intended to improve its members both on the tatami and outside.

A little contribution for the betterment of our tricky society. Now, an interesting question arises, whether it is right or wrong to keep always up with the times? Or would we better not lose the technicques of the ancient styles? What’s your reply?

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