Three Possible Reactions To Aggression. Which Do You Identify Yourself With?

Human beings are sensitive, their emotions influence their behaviour and determine their character. The human features we are now going to study are fear and courage in the event of an aggression from either strangers or from people who are close to us. In the Wjjc we think that in case of an aggression there are 3 substantial types of reaction.

First reaction: Fright

The victim seeks an escape route and is capable of unusual reactions. He will react instintively and strongly to secure himself. Usually, it is not cowardice to avoid a potential street fight by running away, on the contrary, is an innate survival instinct.

Second Reaction: Freeze response

The victim may respond by “freezing up”, in other words by staying completely still, he won’t be able to move any parts of his body. As a consequence of the shock of an aggression, not only is any part of the body but also the mind stuck, to such an extent that the brain refuses to process any thoughts, not even instinctive defense and the victim loses the clarity of thought necessary to manage an even very low level aggression. This type of reaction almost always arises from the fear of pain, from the fear of being hurt and experiencing such an intense pain to be overwhelmed. This type of reaction is the most dangerous because the victim is left at his predator’s mercy, who freely bullies and terrorizes him.

Third Reaction: To clash with the predator

The third type of response to somebody’s attack is reacting to clash with the predator, so as to protect ourselves and the others.Such a reaction arises from an innate instinct of defending ourselves during a physical fight, but this reaction is not correct. As we already have seen, there are three possible types of reaction to an aggression.

  • Which reaction do you identify yourself with

  • What kind of person are you, the one who runs away, or the one who freezes up?

  • Or, are you the one who reacts by trying to overpower your attacker?

Whatever your reply is, you’ll have to learn how to manage your primary state of mind by attending WJJC professional courses, which will help you get acquainted with either your limits and your skills, this way you can turn your weaknesses into real strengths. How?

This is not easy, it’s an hard work path leading you to get familiar with both pain and your technical and behavioural mistakes. Attending our courses can make you a person capable of defending yourself and your dear ones by erasing your fear of pain and turning your blocks into energy to fight back an aggression. It’s an intense work to carry on along with your mates and your WJJC certified instructor, who has all the professional skills necessary to help you in this path.

Finally, just don’t forget that over-exuberance obscures the necessary concentration to face a street fight. An armed assault can be very dangerous. For exemple, an armed aggression can be very dangerous, not only because of the grabbed weapon but also because impulsiveness doesn’t permit to assess the situation and we act without thinking. We are sure we are up to it and make mistakes that can be fatal. A fiery temper, one that is not dictated by balanced reasoning, but is dictated by instinct can put us and our closed ones in danger and also makes us both stupid and vulnerable.

Therefore, it is necessary to combine the three reactions by adopting the following method: first rapid evaluation, visual screening of subject and perimeter, verbal or physical reaction through instinctive techniques acquired after intensive WJJC training.

Are you ready to become a WJJC Professional?