This page is constantly being updated and is meant to make a list of all Direct Students of Soke Adriano Busà. It is also meant to silence people who claim they are direct students of Soke, while they are not. Those who are not listed here are not official Direct Students. As our international website is open to the public, anybody can check. Not only are Direct Students' given a special certificate by Soke, but also they enter the international register of Direct Students, which you can consult here below.

Shihan Jonathan Kruger 8th Dan Zambia zambia
Kaicho Giovanni Legato 6th Dan Italy it
Kaicho Massimiliano Maltagliati 6th Dan Italy it
Sensei Maricel Tubacaru 5th Dan Romania  
Sensei Abdulwahab M Alburaidi 3rd Dan Kuwait kuwait
sensei Sergio M.P. Sanchez 2nd Dan Mexico
Sensei Fernando Prasanna 3rd Dan Sri Lanka sri lanka
Sensei Jong Kwon  Rigatti 2nd Dan South Korea south korea
Sensei Marco Morelli 2nd Dan Italy it
Sensei Cosimo Boanini 2nd Dan Italy it
Sensei Sara Fiorillo 2nd Dan Italy it
Sensei Kizito Simba Mangaba 2nd Dan Namibia namibia
Sensei Wesley Ward 1st Dan Canada
Sensei Orlando Rodriguez Saborit 1st Dan Cuba cuba
Sensei Claudio Giuliani 1st Dan Italy it
Sensei Carlo Bertolino 1st Dan Italy it
Sensei Martino Sisi 1st Dan Italy it
Sensei Matteo Faretina 1st Dan Italy it
Sensei Wilver R. Chancasanampa 1st Dan Perù peru
Sensei Patricija Bukovinski 1st Dan Slovenia slovenia
Sensei Daniel Blancos 1st Dan Canary Is.Spain es

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