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Official members are all kyu and black belts affiliated to the World Ju-Jitsu Corporation. They are listed in the international register, study our WJJC syllabus and are registered in our official dojos around the world.
Official members follow the WJJC rules, wear the white WJJC student Gi for Kyu belts or the Gi with red jacket for instructors.

The membership document each official members of the WJJC is expected to posses and guard is the International Budo Pas-Sport. It is an international document that contains all information concerning the martial arts career of the student such as Kyu and Dan levels (the latters certified directly by our Soke all over the world) stages, competitions and seminars.

Martial Artists from other organizations willing to join the WJJC and represent their dojo, town or even their country can apply by fulfilling the contact form in this website. We will get back as soon as possible.
Making a preliminary remark, in case the applicant comes from a country where there already is an official representative of the WJJC, the application will be fowarded to our representative   and he will deal with the affiliation.

On the contrary, in case the application comes from a country where there are no official representatives of the WJJC yet, the applicant may request to become an official WJJC representative of either his Dojo, his town or his country. In this case, the applicant is requested to send his credentials to the international secretary, who will forward the application to Soke Adriano Busà. In case of a positive result, it is necessary that Soke comes to the aplicant's dojo to get to know him personally and check his technical skills.

On that occasion, it will be possible to work intensively with our founder on the first technical programs and set forth the union between the parties, the new representative subscribes a representation agreement and a training schedule with fixed dates. Once all details have been  acknowledged, he becomes both direct student of Soke Adriano Busà and official representative of the WJJC. From this moment on, he will be able to pass our Ju-Jitsu on to his students. In this event, we will issue a certificate subscribed by our founder certifying the degree of responsibility of our new representative.

The World Ju-Jitsu Corporation does not issue any certificates or diplomas to martial artists who are not official members of the WJJC and ask for Dan or grades. Dan grades are given to WJJC  black belts who have passed the grading in front of a committee of our founder and the National Technical Director, not before the time fixed has passed and once Soke Busà has signed his authorization.

Therefore, martial artists from other organizations asking for certificates to reach higher grades or an honorific title, won't be satisfied. On the contrary, those who wish to join the WJJC, yet  with no obligation, without studying our syllabus nor wearing our Gi, neither having our Budopas-Sport nor following our rules, can apply for becoming friend members by fulfilling  a special form. They will receive a certificate as friend members and will enter the international WJJC list of official Friend Members.

Join us and welcome into the WJJC World!!!

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