syllabusThe new Official WJJC Syllabus, Coaching Assessor Instructor Training Programme is ready.


Kuwait-Stage-Ju-Jitsu-Training-Class-tnOn the last week of January our Soke Adriano Busà and Sensei Massimiliano Maltagliati will be spending an entire week in Kuwait City as guests of Sensei Abdulwahab M Alburaidi.

During the week they will be focusing on a long Wjjc training session, will be planning future tasks and signing the official representation contract for the Kuwait.

An International stage with the Soke will be organized in the medium term, more likely before the Summer.

Moreover, the training lessons for the entire 2015 season will be planned.

2014 10 17 stage 31Calenzano (FI): On the 17th of October the WJJC ITALIA (World Ju-Jitsu Corporation Italia) organized the first international stage at the new sport centre of Calenzano (FI). The international event was held with the special participation of the Scottish representative Sensei Archie Higgins, of the highest Italian representatives “Senior Technical Officer” M° Massimiliano Maltagliati 5th Dan and M° Giovanni Legato 5th Dan, M° Umberto Di Stasi ( representative of Prato town) and M° Silvio Campus (representative of Cagliari town) and was officiated by “Founder” Adriano Busà.

The great energy that characterizes our style could be percived right from the start. An intense and rapid worm-up virtually chocked the throats of those present, in a way that their chests were throbing and their hearts were more like a drum than a splendid organ that simply manages and adjusts the bloodstream. The hand on their knees confirmed the extraordinary worm-up work made by the Scottish master. This was just the beginning. Not even had time to recover, that Sensei Archie Higgins' lesson started off and was centred on “groundwork”, which was a great opportunity for the participants to improve on this aspect of ju-jitsu. Such techniques as strangulation defense, the study of levers and locks, lock controtechniques from the ground were practiced.

Read more: International Seminar October 2014 - Calenzano Italy

budo-pas-sportThe new Budo Pas-Sport, our organization prestigious document of affiliation, has been made.

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