Junior and Senior kyu grading of the WJJC Italia for Florence and Prato

kyu grading february 2015Junior and Senior kyu grading of the WJJC Italia was held on Saturday the 14th, for the towns of Florence and Prato. Since it was the first grading of the newborn World Ju-Jitsu Corporation Italia, it was particularly important. The event took place at the World Ju-Jitsu Centre, the “Hombu dojo” of the federation managed by Shodai Soke Adriano Busà. Seniors had been asked to attend for 10 a.m., they were all visibly excited and willing to do their best. They took their exam well-aware that the passing of it would only represent achiving a goal and the beginning of a new technical and inner growth.

In the afternoon at 3.30 p.m. it was the turn of “junior”candidates, who gave all their joy and energy off on the tatami and faced the exam with very good concentration.

At the end of the grading, the technical commitee chaired by Shodai Soke Adriano Busà with Senior Technical Officer Massimiliano Maltagliati 5th Dan, Senior Technical Officer Giovanni Legato 5th Dan and Umberto di Stasi 2nd Dan, announced that the candidates had all passed.


The examination committee verified the condidates' ability at taking a challenge so as to go beyond their own limits. The techniques were performed with power and good control, the students attending the grading have taken a very hard and intense exam, proving to themselves that any fears and anxieties can always be transformed into a positive energy.

In the end, there was the investiture with the new kyu belts and the delivery of the diplomas along with the usual photos... a smile of satisfaction was stamped on the tired faces of the partecipants.