National Technical Director is an Expert Premium Membership.

It is the most prestigious affiliation to apply for, right under the positions of Shihan-Kai members and Soke Adriano Busà.

You’ll represent the Wjjc in your country and will become direct students of Soke Adriano Busà, so you’ll be allowed to attend any Wjjc seminars in your continent and intensive training sessions can be organized in your country or in Italy. 
We will give you all our support to learn our style and spread it in your country.

As a National Technical Director you will be given the opportunity to apply for Shihan Kai member, provided Soke is the one who selcts and chooses. If so, you will enter the international Shihan Kai council (minimum level 5th Dan black belt) composed of 15 members only.

In case you’re interested in becoming National Technical Director a contract of representation has to be signed, which guarantees both parties: on the one hand that you are sole representative of the Wjjc in your country, while on the other hand you undertake to respect our logo (a registered trademark) and our rules as dispayed in the international rules book attached to the contract.

It will be necessary that Soke comes to meet you personally, on the occasion of his travel he will illustrate how the Wjjc is organized.

Your name will be included in the World Ju-Jitsu Corporation international website in the “National Technical Directors” link. You will have all the support from the World Ju-Jitsu Corporation, the secretariat and Soke to promote and develop your organization in complete autonomy in your country.

Your affiliation will include all that follows: 10 International Budopas-sport, 1 Gi Red Jacket with your name embroidered, Black Belt embroidered with your name, 4 Certificates , 10 Chest Badges, 10 World Nation Badges, 3 stamps for the bureaucratic activity of your national organization, 1 Pennant, 1 Calendar, 1 Soke Poster with dedication, coaching assessor (syllabus book).

This way you’ll be given all the necessary tools to develop professionally the Wjjc in your country. On the occasion of Soke’s visit, you will be shown in detail how to successfully manage your  national organization under the flag of the WJJC and how to organize all your activities to achieve your goals.

We remind you that you will manage your national organization in complete freedom in your country and the Wjjc will not interfere in your activities as long as you respect the contract, Soke and our Logo.

For any need you will never be left alone, you can always count on us.